“Today’s leading-edge companies are embracing values and the ideology of ‘corporate consciousness’ to improve their bottom line. Buddha: 9 to 5 offers a practical and enlightened path for CEOs and managers to transform the communication and profitability of their companies. It is an indispensable tool for leaders driven to do the right thing.”— Patricia Aburdene, Best-selling Author, Megatrends 2010, The Rise of Conscious Capitalism

“As we bring these virtues into our lives, we ourselves will be happier people, and ironically, we will become more successful. Buddha: 9 to 5 is not about short-term success, but about success that lasts, because the best CEO is the Buddha within each one of us. These timeless principles can unlock the gateway to renewed values and prosperity in Corporate America. In Buddha: 9 to 5, Nancy Spears shows how these principles can help us engender awareness of our intrinsic wisdom, which leads to a higher level of leadership, one rooted in compassion and loving kindness.”— Sakyong Mipham Rinpoche, Best-selling Author, Ruling Your World, Master Teacher, Global Spiritual Leader

“Bring together expertise in the most powerful force shaping our material world – business – and a deep understanding of one of the most profound wisdom traditions – Buddhism – and you get this inspiring, pragmatic, and enlightening book. Buddha: 9 to 5 is an absolute must read for anyone seeking to connect the reality of business and the reality of life. It is a transforming read for anyone who simply wants to live more wisely.”— Rabbi Irwin Kula, Best-selling Author, Yearnings: Embracing the Sacred Messiness of Life