Honesty in Communications “It is amazing how many executives do not authentically communicate who they really are. They are frozen in an identity camouflaged by a title or position that blocks their access to their greater potential. We see this fear-based behavior everyday – in the media, in politics, and on Wall Street. It is only when we lose the fear of being exposed, the fear of failure, that we can open ourselves to our genuine truth and set a new standard of honesty and prime ourselves to speak with seamless clarity.”

Removing Ego from the Workplace “Today, we are experiencing the emotional and financial damage of Wrong View leadership throughout Corporate America. Although executive offices concerned solely with increased profits and bonuses may be able to survive in the short term, their ability to set long-term, effective strategies will be futile without the Right View. The fear of failing or not having enough originates in the ego. Wrong View is cultivated by positioning yourself as the primary benefactor of your dreams. It is the fixation on ‘I’ that generates fraudulent or insincere actions and ultimately can lead to a spiraling breakdown of an organization.”

The Price of Success “Managers throughout America are still being groomed for success in a traditional sense as they climb the ladder with credentials in hand, keeping a keen eye focused on the pot of profitability at the top. Preoccupation with ‘making it’ hazes over our access to clarity as we create a cloud of confusion based upon our obsession with obtaining the next title and increasing profit margins. We are not content or settled within, but we keep on climbing as if increasing our credentials and acquisition will numb the angst of the incomprehensible thought of not making it. The irony is that as we strategically build barriers to protect ourselves and climb to reach our goals, we are also building barricades between our accomplishments and our authentic self. We have won the race to ‘success’ and lost ourselves in the process.”

Working in the Moment “Even the highest-paid, respected executives in Corporate America occasionally lose sight of their view. As managers under pressure, we will experience events that cloud our clarity and distort composure. A boss or board member may challenge your opinion or position, the market may turn and threaten your financial security, or you may be stressed by a critical deadline.

In these instances, when you are experiencing the pressure of your job, you also have the opportunity to experience Right Mindfulness. Ironically, it is our insecurities, tribulations, and uncomfortable moments that offer us the best workable material. When we directly face our fears and frustrations, we are weaving the rare and intricate fabric used to design the rich tapestry of our authentic selves.

By training the mind and embracing challenges as opportunities to wake up, we develop the skillfulness to hold to our view. We remove the laminate that temporarily shields us from the discomfort of the moment. Strengthening our ability to fully experience each moment forms a keyhole for the world to shine directly into our tender heart.”